Car Agreement Deposit

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It should be noted that there are legal arguments about the amount of deposit that a merchant can keep due to its reasonable costs and loss of revenue from a cancelled order. However, if you get to the point where you`re going to sue the dealer to argue over whether you`ll get some or all of the deposit back, you`re probably spending a lot more than the deposit was anyway. Hello, Celestinne. If you cancel your order, the merchant will want to keep your acomptule, but there`s not much they can do to force you to continue. You can harass yourself or threaten to take legal action, but they are unlikely to go to court, as it is usually not worth it. Hello, Ashley. Yes, you should be able to recover your deposit because that`s not what you agreed. I recently paid a deposit on a car that had to be worked to my specifications – but the workshop 3 weeks later invites me to pay the rest of the agreed sum before the agreed work is carried out and does not move – I told the garage that I liked to pay 50%, then the remaining 50% for the pick-up of the vehicle, but they will not move – where am I, since I do not want to pay in full, just if the work done is not 100% satisfactory – we remain motionless – am I entitled to my acount under these conditions? I still want the car. I`m just not happy with the way this sale was made. I was encouraged to pay the full price of the vehicle because the sale was taken over by the manager in the middle of the sale. What an idiot will pay the full price displayed on the windshield of a car!! I`m not an idiot, and I don`t do that.

Or rather, never let yourself be deceived. What can I do? I paid 3,100 pounds. I don`t think anything should have been added to my bill without discussion with me. I don`t even know how many services are covered. I could be dead (I have two terminal diagnoses) before the services have expired, and the car may not even belong to me at this point! I confirm that I want the car. I just feel like I was pushed to pay the full price. The car had 10 miles on the clock and is a pre-registered vehicle – registered September 2017. Thus, more than 7 months of the warranty is lost, more than 7 months the TÜV exemption period is lost and in fact the car already has more than 7 months – it is not relevant for the value of the car that it has only traveled 10 miles. What do you offer me? I feel like the manager was very rude and condescending to me. Maybe he thinks all women are stupid, or maybe he assumes it`s me because I`m disabled.

I don`t know. I think he would be rather angry with his wife if she came back and told him that she paid the full price of a car that was more than 7 months old! Use your credit card. Always deposit a deposit on a credit card. This way, if there are tricks (and we`ve seen a lot of dealer tricks), you can dispute the charge with your credit card company. If you`re passing a check, debit card, or cash, you might instead want the proverbial root channel if you get your money back. But don`t dispute the fees if there is no legal basis for you to cancel the sale. If you do, you`ll have to fight against the reseller`s Perry Mason version, even if your credit card issuer grantes your booking request. Hello Stuart I have deposited part of the deposit for a new car, but I am not able to pay the rest of the money. Can I get my deposit back if I cancel everything within the 14-day notice period? Hello, Jadie. Ultimately, most of your problems focus on what you think should or should not have happened. The only thing that matters is what is written in the treaty. .