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Answer: The $2,000 cap on federal body camera (BWC) funding includes the cost of docking stations and other related BWC program fees. The total budget of federal funds must not exceed USD 2000 per requested btWC system. I am working on the completion of this grant and I would like to know if our budget items should be worth exactly $90,000 (since we are a $90,000 recipient)? We want to order technology to help with distance education, but the number we need is over 90,000. I was not sure that we could close the budget with 92,000 and then the 2,000 overruns that we could cover by other means? Would replacing the carpet with laminate floors (easier to clean and clean) be an appropriate request for this funding? We plan to submit FUNDING from TF-CBT to train our current doctors and hire a part-time therapist to work with our Latino population as we have seen an influx of Latino residents from Puerto Rico. Can the salary for hiring a part-time therapist be included in the cost of the scholarship? My question is about the third and fourth issue of the federal transparency law that is part of the certification application. For those of us who will propose to use a competitive tendering process to deliver the marketing campaign, I am simply wondering how these issues should be resolved. I assume that the question #3 with respect to subcontractors receiving $25,000 or more should be labelled “no” because, if it is labelled “yes,” you will have to list the subcontractor`s DUNS number and the registration date Sat. In the absence of the closing of the tendering process, this information could not be disclosed, as the subcontractor has not yet been identified. Since there is no other way to list the competition bidding process or the subrecipient/contractor that has not yet been identified, it is my acceptance and the agreements would only be considered consultants (depending on the budget category), with details to be determined after the tendering process is closed.

Yes, yes. Please let the non-public school, which is eligible for funding, complete the certification. The completed confirmation form must be added to the Equitable Services section of your grant. When reviewing the funding notice and guidelines, I have a few questions about eligible expenses. Would the following positions be eligible expenses? (in category – other health and safety programs, objects or services needed to deal with the Covid-19 emergency) Question: Are the warranty costs associated with the initial purchase of BFC at issue for this financing? Answer: Body-Worn Camera (BWC) systems are often bundled or sold as an as-a software service (SAAS) without distinguishing data storage costs from data memories. As a result, purchases of bulk-cost cameras (particularly no storage fees for individuals) are allowed to be reimbursed and the Agency is not asked to break down costs. The $2,000 cap on federal funding through BWC includes the cost of docking stations and other related BWC program fees. As noted in the funding announcement, the cost of storing position items is only allowed with appropriate means. For more information on collaborative advice, see Appendix C of the funding notice.

Is the Emozi Alternative Thinking Strategies (PATHS) program eligible for this announcement or is the basic PATHS program the only one available as part of the announcement? Can we use an FY20-21 grant for covid 19 school Health and Safety FY20-21 to hire a “daily” replacement to allow for greater social disabilism in areas where we are unable to comply with the rules of social delocation? Is this appropriate at: (7) Other health and safety programs, goods or services needed to deal with NOTFALL coVID-19? We have carefully reviewed the PSR and found that this funding opportunity is specific to the