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The ministry`s stated goal of requiring the return of service agreements is to ensure that IMG physicians meet the needs of physicians in Ontario communities. International Medical Graduates (IMGs), which accept a medical site in Ontario, must enter into a return-of-service (ROS) agreement with the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. Doctors with multiple ROS agreements must comply with the more restrictive terms of the ROS agreement. There are situations in which an IMG physician subject to a return agreement has difficulty fulfilling his or her restitution obligations. This can be done for many reasons, including illness, disability, lack of employment opportunities, transition to occupation or specialty, or parental leave. In such cases, the ministry may grant adjournments or other accommodations on a case-by-case basis. Transfers within the same school Transfers within the same school are allowed. Please follow the school`s guidelines for transfers. Individuals with a ROS contract should inform the ministry of any changes to the specialty within the same school as soon as the transfer is approved and confirmed by the school. People with a ROS contract who have transferred between dense schools within a school are still required to comply with the terms of their ROS agreement.

If the participating physician does not meet the ros requirements, he or she is considered a contract physician. Physicians who violate their ROS agreement must reimburse the costs associated with the physician`s participation in the program. The department is not in a position to waive their financial obligations under the ROS agreement to physicians. Most of the time, ROS`s commitments are intended to serve rural or sub-commanding communities, i.e. communities far from major cities. Candidates who correspond to these positions must be eligible for candidates and must sign the ROS agreement as soon as they agree. Transfer outside Ontario during residency training Residents with human rights obligations may apply for a transfer outside Ontario; however, they are required to reimburse all costs related to their training, in accordance with the costs set out in the agreement. Anyone who has questions about the terms of their agreement should refer to the Officer, Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care Program at: 416-327-8339 or by e-mail: [] An IMG who successfully attends a stay-at-school training in Ontario must complete a five-year contract for return to service (ROS) in an Ontario authorized community. The ROS agreement is signed with The Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. Individuals with returns on service contracts outside Ontario may not be allowed to start ministry-funded training courses and should contact the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care for more information at 416.327.8339 or email: The ROS addendum indicates the location of your ROS in Ontario.