Uga Telework Agreement

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Mobile employee: an employee who travels permanently and whose current workplace is his or her home or affected office. The duties of these positions generally require the employee to meet with clients and clients across a geographic area and to work off-site. In the spirit of this policy, mobile workers are not considered teleworkers. (See Appendix E) Work-related long distance calls should be scheduled for office days. At the discretion of the supervisor, the costs of long distance and business telephone calls that must be made at home may be reimbursed if the reasons and costs of the calls are documented. The teleworker is responsible for the cost of maintaining, repairing and operating personal equipment. As a precondition for telework authorization, the worker must verify that the home facilities used for telework are safe and suitable for the worker`s work purposes. The service may deny an employee the opportunity to work remotely if the alternative workplace does not promote productive work. The service should provide staff with a checklist for self-certification as part of the telework application. The checklist is necessary to reduce the risk and responsibility and responsibility of Georgia`s university system and helps staff know whether their alternative workstation is beneficial for productive work.

An example checklist is provided in Appendix D. The Georgian university system allows telework and flexible hours on a voluntary basis for staff who would provide classifications/positions designated as eligible for telework and/or flexible hours. The telework and flexibility program is an option for employers, not a worker`s right, and is only appropriate if it gives the institution an advantage. Telework and/or flexible schedules may not be suitable for all employees and/or positions. Institutions may implement telework and/or flexible hours as a work option for some legitimate workers on the basis of specific criteria and procedures that are applied uniformly throughout the department. Staff should remain in contact with the office, as indicated in the working time planning, the Services Directive and the telework agreement.