Zambian Law Tenancy Agreement

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“rental” is a tenancy agreement (written or oral) with a duration of no more than twenty-one years and which has been created by a lease or sublease, by an agreement or assignment of a lease or lease, by a lease agreement or by legal management, and includes a sub-lease agreement , but not a relationship between a murderer and a debtor as such, and references to the award of a lease and denied property must be interpreted accordingly; b) If the lessor terminates the termination law at a time when a lease does not apply, the operation of the notice is not affected by the fact that the lease applies after the notification. “locals,” premises leased as part of a lease agreement for the purpose of the activity; 3. I would not reject an application for a new lease from the court, or I would reject an application for a new lease to the court on the basis (here is the reason or the reasons) in court. (9) If the court hearing an appeal under section 4 of the Act excludes, by section 1 of the Act, the granting of a new lease for any of the reasons mentioned in section 1 of paragraph 1 of the Act, the order of rejection must indicate all the reasons why the court excludes it. 5. When the tenant applies for a new tenancy agreement in accordance with the provisions of this section, the current tenancy agreement expires, subject to the provisions of Section 2 of Section 18 and Section 2 regarding the provisional continuation of the leases, just before the date indicated in the application to commence the new lease. (a) the tenant of the listing in the new tenancy agreement of conditions giving access to the lessor and other facilities for the performance of the proposed work, and able to properly carry out the work and those facilities, without obtaining possession of the operation and without impairing the use of the operation for the purposes of the operation exported by the tenant, to a significant extent or at an important date; or 20. Restrictions on agreements that exclude provisions of this Act 20. Any agreement on a tenancy agreement to which this Act applies (whether or not it is included in the act of creating the lease) is invalid insofar as it purports to prevent the tenant from making an application or application under this Act or provides for the termination or abandonment of the tenancy agreement in the event of an application or application. , or for the imposition of a penalty or liability against the tenant in this case.